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Most of the Chinese people live in a way that is better known as keeping pace with the times. Especially in today's marriage and marriage, the rich and the poor have to have a house and a car, a house can be understood, after all, the house is the survival of life necessities, is a warm love and marriage harbor, is the care of wandering abroad, at least is a fixed asset belonging to their families, even if depreciated, there is a certain economic value. . To buy a car, it should also be based on their own needs (rich and willful), but in real life, road congestion is also too much impact of vehicles, sometimes it is not as fast and convenient to walk directly, and as long as the money to buy a car to hand, even if it has not been used, immediately depreciate the value is not worth it. No, in the course of operation and operation, there are also various types of fees and fines to be handled by traffic control departments, not to mention the wear and tear of vehicles and maintenance costs, as well as the number of years of vehicles scrapped. Vehicle updates, like cell phones, may be updated in less than a few years (some things are regulated by the state, for example, the state will no longer use fuel-powered vehicles in the future, your car is not in vain? For various reasons, there are several aspects of buying a car, one is to facilitate travel, the other is to keep up with the times, and the third is to have a fever with money. Finally, it is risky to buy a car.
Words are heavy, and personal feelings are heavy. First of all, the owner is an ordinary citizen just arrived and established years, bought a joint venture car under 100,000, life changed after the car, of course, changed well, nothing to run a drop, send passengers to meet the size of the market, shopping, very convenient. Drive tired, get off the car to stroll around (the market, the community away from home, etc.), and see the scenery and physical activity, sometimes drop friends together to eat a meal, 5 kilometers to get to not less than 2 yuan of oil.. Take the car to the people's Square in central town before stopping. Thirsty, get in the car and drink a cup of tea, no matter where you go, light car familiar road, do not know where, Gaud map.
The CVT hatchback car never felt awkward, but it was just convenient. Never mind the wind and rain, and squeeze the bus. After becoming a car family, many feelings are different from before.
There is a young woman in my village, and I have a husband, so I don't usually greet them. One day I sent my child to school, and I saw her face with pride when she left school. I wonder what this is all about? Pick up the money! I was too embarrassed to open my bike and drive home. I killed a white KIA SUV on the back of the road. Oh, I seem to know something about it. When I got home, my wife told me who had bought a new car, and I knew what it meant. Then I told my wife, the new back said, let's start with the current car. How many times have you been driving? As soon as the car landed, it began to depreciate, and needed a lot of maintenance and child care. You have done a few car maintenance, with children crying all day, I see you are not tired enough. Well, clean up the inside and outside of the car today and think about the new car...National Day holiday has arrived, a large number of tourists have come to Baiyangdian Lake, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Baiyangdian Lake, taste delicious Baiyangdian fish. While enjoying the delicacy of Baiyangdian fish, people began to worry that because of the implementation of the "ban on fishing" in Xiongan New Area, Baiyangdian fish may never be eaten again. So what is the actual situation? Is it allowed to catch wild fish in the future? Can people still eat Baiyangdian fish?
Nearly the full moon after the "fishing ban" was issued, a reporter from China's Xiongan official website carried out an investigation on the above issues and rushed to Anxin County for on-the-spot interviews. The ban on fishing in Baiyangdian Lake has won the support of the people in Xiongan County and Anxin County of Xiongan New District. On September 9 and 17, respectively, the ban on aquaculture in Baiyangdian Lake waters was issued. This is an important measure for Xiong'an New Area to improve the water quality of Baiyangdian Lake, restore the ecological function of Baiyangdian Lake, and ensure the flood discharge and road traffic safety of Baiyangdian Lake.
Xiong'an New Area Anxin County Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Bureau said: "The dikes and embankments in the Dian District are piled up with soil, and the cage culture is disorderly, so it will bring great hidden dangers to flood discharge. In addition, baits, fishery drugs and fish excrements fed by aquaculture will cause water pollution and even deterioration in Baiyangdian Lake. Therefore, the removal of aquaculture can improve the water quality of Baiyangdian Lake and restore the ecological environment of Baiyangdian Lake.
As soon as the news came out, netizens praised each other for their support for Xiong an new district. Netizen "Baishui": support Da Mei Xiong an! For aquaculture ban point praise. Netizens "self-discipline": to restore Baiyangdian's natural ecology, nothing else can be said, one word "good"! Netizens "clean": support Anxin County Committee, the county government's decision, the lake dike surrounded by a block to ban, but also a lake of clean water. Netizens "spectators": environmental governance first, longing for charm Xiong an!
Netizens "Lele": full support! Baiyangdian is back to nature. Netizens "Fishing Song": Baiyangdian is so good governance! Just like the face of a girl, she is getting more and more beautiful. Reporter investigation: in the future can eat Baiyangdian fish reporters visited part of Anxin County aquaculture and aquaculture market, and farmers, Baiyangdian fish stall owners, customers exchanged. The interview found that respondents paid more attention to the happiness and acquisition brought about by the improvement of ecological environment in Xiong'an New Area, and did not pay too much attention to the question of whether they could eat Baiyangdian fish in the future.
A fisherman from Dongdiantou Village, Duancun Town, Anxin County, said, "I have broken down my net. I can feel the improvement of the environment in Xiong'an New Area. Although I have given up the breeding work for many years, I can contribute to the construction of Xiong'an New Area. It is worth it." It is said that fishermen in the village are demolishing their own farming equipment, they expressed support and understanding of the new area fishing ban policy.
In the aquatic market, Mr. Gao, the owner of the stall, said, "We are selling aquatic products such as artificially cultured carp, crab and river crab left after clearing the cage. Now they are cheaper to handle. These five catties of big carp only sell for 7 yuan a catty, and there is no new one after they are sold out." As to whether the ban on fishing will affect the Baiyangdian aquatic market, Mr. Gao said that wild fish will certainly be more expensive than cultured fish, but meat and nutritional value will be better.
"If the water in Baiyangdian Lake is polluted, the fish will eat us," said Mr. Jin, who was buying aquatic products at the stall, as he watched the carps bouncing in the cage. Therefore, the good water environment is the premise for us to enjoy safe fish. " Official response: Afterwards certainly can eat Baiyangdian fish in order to be able to accurately respond to the "whether to allow the fishing of wild fish" and "in the future can eat Baiyangdian fish," the reporter interviewed Liu Lixin, deputy director of the Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Anxin County, Xiong'an New Area.
"You can eat Baiyangdian fish later, that's for sure." Liu Lixin said, "Anxin County Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant requirements, continue to carry out proliferation and release work, Baiyangdian fishing ban, we will increase the intensity of proliferation and release, continue to improve the yield and quality of wild fish Baiyangdian, to ensure that we eat a higher quality, more assured Baiyangdian wild fish." According to the briefing, Baiyangdian will implement a fishing ban and fishing permit system in 2019. During off-season fishing, fishermen who have obtained fishing permits may use fishing nets that meet the requirements to ensure market supply. In addition, recreational fishing in Baiyangdian is also allowed.

How I wish I could be as leisurely as the nickname in the crowd, but the reality is, after becoming a mother, basically is "irritable" and contradictions. I now add to the mobile phone about the daughter's education groups, I clearly hate the spread of anxiety in the crowd, but always afraid of missing some useful information, while entangling, while still in the group. YUE Ran (not her real name), a post-75 mother who works as a clerk in a company, has been a loyal participant in her daughter's early promotion this year, from the mother-to-be forum that was just popular when she was pregnant to the current Wechat group.
"Forum or mother group, the greatest significance to me is the gathering place of information, especially the city group, some information is very practical, such as which hospital in Hangzhou which doctor is better at children's cough treatment, which training institutions in Hangzhou which specific to which teacher is better, the group of friends are always very experienced. Convincing. "
At different times of her daughter, she joined different groups. She didn't feel that joining a few groups had much effect on her life before, but since her daughter entered the senior grade of primary school, especially in this year's early elementary school, she was deeply affected and anxious, and once wanted to withdraw from the group, but she managed to hold back.
"To put it plainly, for one reason, we are afraid to miss some of the information we need." She says she knows very well that anxiety comes from her uncertainty about her daughter's education, so she's vulnerable to outside influences. She says she sees how aggressive some people are with their daughters and unconsciously looks after them.
Especially in the first half of this year, Xiao Shengchu was the key word in her group, the enrollment conditions and information of private schools, the special training courses of various counseling institutions, like a wave of emergence, she also like a wave of anxiety.
Until her daughter finally went to a private high school, which, in her words, was neither good nor bad, she said, "Anxiety is slightly better, but it must go on, because it's the easiest thing to worry about in the autumn."